Great to Meet You! I'm Danielle McCurdy.

Danielle's Story

At 16, a high school guidance counsellor told me that he’d not waste his time coaching me for college (university) admissions. He was positive that based on family history I’d be a statistic and be a pregnant teen.

I knew I would prove him wrong. I had always wanted more and was hungry to make my way in life despite the challenges that I had at home.

I worked my ass off to get my higher education. I didn’t have any support financially. Most people discouraged me – telling me just to get a trade (i.e. vocation) because that is what most people did where I came from.

It took me many years to graduate with my Bachelors degree. I started and stopped so many times but I never gave up belief I would finish. I worked 2-3 jobs at a time as a waitress or bartender to pay tuition, rent, books, etc. Eventually, I took out student loans to relieve the burden. 

Once I finished my Bachelors degree, I wanted to study more. I never knew what I wanted to do beyond earn good money, travel the world and help others. I considered non-profit or teaching but both did not seem to be enough salary to pay off student loans.

I finally decided to get an MBA and work in the accounting consulting world.

I enjoyed my MBA studies and also my first few years in the corporate world. I made some amazing friendships and I loved the competition, the raises and the perks. I had very detailed plans to go to the top.

And then… after years of planning, doing and achieving, by 2014 I had finally “arrived” by all societal definitions. I had a mortgage for a great house in a strong school district, two healthy young daughters, a lovely husband, a wonderfully successful and well-paid corporate career. 

Then, one day, I asked my husband:  ‘Is this it?”

I embarked on a journey that resulted in moving our family across the world (to the UAE and London a few years later).

In 2016, I started a major life pivot: I took a break from corporate and started a new journey of education: I studied nutrition, life coaching, yoga, meditation, business (as an entrepreneur), marketing and personal development.

I launched an online coaching business. 

I was also struggling during all of my 40s with my health. I felt time poor, exhausted, overweight and in the early stages of peri-menopause. 

Using the tools I'd learned over years - I did a complete life flip that kick started radical self-care that resulted in weight loss, improved relationships and a newfound bold and fun approach to life. 

My own journey has not been smooth. It has brought me to my knees a few times – totally out of my comfort zone and riddled with self-doubt, fear and overwhelm. I’ve made mistakes, stumbled, gotten up and started over.

I would not be where I am if it were not for the coaches and mentors that helped me learn how to run a business, challenge me on my limiting beliefs and keep me on target for goals.

Good news! Not everyone's journey has to zig and zag so much! 

I’ve helped hundreds of women rediscover and redefine their story for life changing results, whether in business, health, relationships or major life transitions. 

My goal is to show women what is possible. I help women see that it’s never too late.  Your future is not determined by your current circumstances. No matter where you has been, your age, education or financial status – anything is possible.

Professional Achievements

★ Bachelor’s of Arts, Global Studies and Spanish – Sonoma State University
★ Graduate Certificate in Finance- Golden Gate University
★ MBA, International Business – Golden Gate University
★ Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition
★ Life Coach Practitioner Diploma – The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
★ Brené Brown’s Brave Leaders program completion – Dare to Lead Academy
★ Certified Inspirator Coach - Inspirator Coaching Academy 
★ Certified Life Coach - The Life Coach School

Fun Facts About Me

I am obsessed with traveling the world. 

I am a third generation Californian and currently live in London. I’ve also lived in Madrid, Sydney and Dubai.

I love trashy reality TV. I’ve finally come to accept it about myself and have planned time set aside to watch crap TV.

I have a total potty mouth. If that bothers you … I may not be your cup of tea.

My last meal would be a Mexican burrito from a San Diego taqueria followed by apple fritters from Bob’s Donuts in San Francisco.

I am mostly plant-based minus a little bit of cheese here and there. (If that cheese bit bothers you… maybe not your cuppa tea.)

I spent 2 years working at the Grand Canyon National Park and also spent a few months on a cruise ship in Hawaii.

I speak fluent Spain Spanish with a strong gringa accent.

I love strong, good coffee and cold, bubbly water.

I am obsessed with fruits and vegetables. The farmers market makes me happy.

If you come to my house … I WILL feed you. If you’re single, I will also try to set you up with someone. So – please be prepared.