Why Documenting And Tracking Your Goals Is Important

Whether you’ve made goals for your personal life, such as reducing your expenditures, or you’ve made business goals, you need to track these in order to stay on focussed. When you’re not documenting your goals and tracking them, you become unaware of where you started and where you have reached. It’s like going somewhere new without a GPS. You may get there by asking for directions but it will take up a lot of unnecessary time.

This can not only make you lose sight and motivation, but it can also completely topple your plans. You could say that without tracking your goals, you might be completely wasting your efforts. Or at least not seeing them clearly enough to acknowledge or make something of them.

In the words of Peter Drucker, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” This is exactly why it is important to keep track of where you have reached with your goals. Still not convinced?? Here are 4 solid reasons why documenting and tracking your progress are crucial for success:

1 – They Push You To Do Better

Without an account of how much you have improved, you would think that you have done nothing at all. This can be very demotivating which can also make you leave your goals midway. What good would be that? This is why it is necessary that you write down all that you have so far accomplished in achieving a particular goal.

2 – Keep Your Mind On Track

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is not uncommon to completely forget about your goals or not be able to focus on them. This is where documenting and tracking come into the picture. When you follow these two steps, you are constantly reminded of your goals and your attention is also going to stay focussed toward them.

3 – Enable You To Stay Realistic

It is very typical of people to make unrealistic goals. For instance, you might think that you can accomplish more tasks than you actually can in a particular timeframe. Recording progress helps you set realistic benchmarks as you see what can and cannot be accomplished within a given period and situation. You can track and then reassess and adjust, as needed. It also helps you identify other problems in your process since everything is written in front of you.

4 – Helps You Improve Your Process

Zooming in on the benefit Drucker mentions of measuring how far you’ve come, tracking goals helps you better your methods. As you record all your steps, you get to see where and how you can make them better. In fact, as you see your small and big wins, the confidence boost you get also plays a role in improving your efforts toward the end goal.

Tracking your progress requires effort, time, and patience, but it is so worth it. So, even if you’re dedicating only an hour a week to documenting your progress, keep doing so. Remember, tracking helps you stay focused and motivated – two ingredients which are necessary for success.

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