Creating a vision board helps you achieve your goals.

A vision board helps you to visualize your future goals. It is a productive strategy that helps you track what you want. Seeing your vision board daily or, even better, multiple times daily, will inspire you.

Here are some important points you need to jot down while creating a vision board:

Design your life

What do you want in life? What is missing? What did you want ‘once upon a time” that maybe you left behind once adulting really kicked in. If you had a magic wand, like for real, what would you create for yourself? DO NOT HOLD BACK. Let it roll out of you – totally uninhibited, with no shame in your game.

Determine the timeframe for your board

I have a vision board for the next 12 months that is my daily “go to”. I also maintain a separate one for my 5 year goals. I work backwards from the 5 year goals to build my annual board. This way, I am embodying the short term goals every day.

Segment your goals

Start sorting and grouping into different areas of your life such as Health, Wealth, Professional, Travel, Family, Love, Spirituality… This is so beneficial as you may start to notice gaps in some areas or trigger something else to come to mind that you include.

Choose a Digital or Physical Board

I go the non-traditional route by making a digital board and printing it out. I don’t receive magazines anymore, I use Pinterest or Google images for my boards. I search for what I want to depict and choose the best picture, crop it and paste it into a Word doc. (This last one I actually used Canva to create my board but it’s not necessary.)  Once you have created your board, you simply print it in color!

To make a traditional board, grab all your old magazines, scissors, a glue stick and a poster board. Choose images that represent your dreams and goals and paste onto the board.

Place the Vision Board Where You’ll See It

My vision board is attached to my mirror and also is the screensaver on my phone. This way I see it multiple times a day. I make sure that in those moments I am checking my hair or applying lipstick that I look at one of those pictures and see myself as that version of me that has already accomplished it.

The vision board is meant to be a mind, body and soulful experience. Every time you look at it – imagine it’s the most delectable dessert you’ll ever have in your life. Will you gobble it down in one inhalation? No. You will look at it from all angles, describe it using inspirational language. When ready to eat, you will use a gorgeous spoon to take mindful and deliberate bites. You will roll each bite around in your mouth so that every taste bud gets an equal opportunity to experience it. The messages sent to your brain will all be registered and documented. Once you are ready to swallow the bite, you’ll do it with satisfaction. This is a full bodied, sensory experience – eating that dessert and it is the same if you want to leverage your vision board.

In Conclusion

Vision boards can have a strong influence on our lives. They help you set your priorities and stay on track as you work towards them.

Once your subconscious mind has fully let the goals of your vision board become engraved – it  will most likely become your reality. This all starts with the steps above!

A vision board is a revered place that shows what you want in life. When you hang it in a space where you see it daily, your vision board brings your goals and aspirations to life.

Now that you know what benefits it holds, it’s time to make the second half of 2020 the year you set goals and follow-through by creating a vision board to give you a clear picture of where you want to get to.

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