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Meet Danielle

My goal is to show women what is possible. I help women see that it’s never too late.  Your future is not determined by your current circumstances. No matter where you has been, your age, education or financial status – anything is possible.

At 16, a high school guidance counsellor told me that he’d not waste his time coaching me for college (university) admissions. He was positive that based on family history I’d be a statistic and be a pregnant teen.I knew I would prove him wrong. I had always wanted more and was hungry to make my way in life despite the challenges that I had at home.

Life pivots are deliciously exciting yet not always enjoyable. This most recent one has been the most exhilarating and wild ride of my life. I’ve become a completely different person – one that has had to challenge old beliefs, identify self sabotage, slay excuses, release old relationships and embrace fear.

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