You make a plan to sort your health and feel amazing – including to exercise and eat fabulously colourful meals … lose weight and get fit.

Yet, when you don’t see results fast enough you quit.

Because … it’s not working.

What now?

You search for the answer: Google. Social media. Conversations with friends – what was the secret?

You talk to friends that have NOT been successful to commiserate and support the sneaky feeling you have that maybe you gave up too early.

It’s so frustrating. It’s impossible. At times you think you may give up and throw in the towel and just let things go.

Then, it happens… you remember who you are. You feel that spark again. You see HER in the mirror.- that version of you that is just on the other side of … what?

YOU are right here yet JUST on the other side of you not quitting anymore. No longer giving up.

You are the version of you that believes 100% in the journey, in enjoying the process and trusting that the plan is working.

You are showing up every day as that person with unwavering belief in the fact that you are going to slay these goals.

Outside influences do not dictate your belief that day – whether it is the number on the scale, offhand comments from someone you respect or a post on social media.

Your belief is strong because you do the inside work every day that has you loving yourself SO MUCH that there is no possibility of it not being right and inevitable.

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