I worked so hard for my corporate career. I studied for years, worked two jobs at a time while studying and took out endless dollars worth of student loans.

I went against the odds of what many thought was possible for me and snagged a double major in Spanish and Global Studies (with two years abroad in Madrid learning Spanish) and later an MBA in International Business with a bonus Graduate Certificate in Finance. I started my studies at 18 and officially finished the MBA at 32. There were years that I didn’t study but most of the time I was thinking about going back – how I’d be more successful and finally finish.

You can imagine that I was REALLY proud of myself for finally finishing and landing a job at an accounting firm. I fast tracked myself to success. I was sure that I would be successful and was laser-focussed in executing my strategy.

I worked hard, I dressed for success, I studied, learned and lived the characteristics and skills that I would need to exhibit in order to be a strong candidate for promotions and raises. I was humble and I learned from my mistakes, I networked and I didn’t ever lose hope of my goal.

Until… I did.

In 2011, I had my second baby and after months of colic, I only had a few short weeks with her post colic before I had to return to work. I was sad and felt I was missing out on something wonderful.

People told me it would get easier to leave the children to go to work but I must say, it still isn’t easy.

I didn’t even have the mindset to think of any other option. I could not imagine what else could be available to me to provide the same amount of salary so I could maintain the lifestyle we’d built but have more time with my girls.

I told myself, “Women do this all the time. I am not the first or the last. Let’s get on with it.” And off I went to work.

As the years passed, I learned more about different types of work outside the corporate world and also my interest in nutrition was expanding. I knew I’d study further one day and somehow make a career of it.

When I had a health scare in 2016 that had me thinking I had cancer for approximately 48 hours. . . I knew then and there it was time for a MAJOR life pivot. I knew I’d need to get scrappy and imaginative to make this work but I was ready to jump in – just like I had done as a young woman.

I didn’t want to remember the years I had kids at home only late evenings and rushed weekends plus 2 weeks of vacation a year. I wanted more time to create memories … more moments than just those that my employer dictated.

Decisions like this are made over time and then in an instant. BIG decisions. They percolate between your subconscious and conscious mind until finally one of those thought bubbles rises to the top. It then carries everything forward – propelling change!

So, that is why I left the corporate world and started my journey as an entrepreneur. It took time to change the habit of thinking to go back to the corporate world (my safety net) whenever things got hard. Just as I did in the years of finishing my education and later moving up the ranks in the corporate world, I keep my eye on the end result and don’t lose sight.

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