“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions.” – Zig Ziglar

In the past 5 years, I’ve incorporated gratitude into my daily routine and it’s been a game changer in my supporting my mental health.

Gratitude increases happiness and overall health and wellbeing. When you practice gratitude, you flood your brain with dopamine and serotonin, which gives you a natural high. When you practice it daily, you will help to build neural pathways that’ll create a more positive state. 

Gratitude practices also help to decrease stress, increase sleep quality, reduce anxiety and depression. 

There are so many ways to incorporate a practice of gratitude:

  1. Daily journaling on a few things you are grateful for.
  2. Rampage of Appreciation, which I learned from Jess Lively. Fill [a] page(s) with as many stream of consciousness things you love – the trees, your house, your family, tea, coffee, chocolate, etc. It’s one of the most beautiful ways to raise your vibe! 
  3. Self love and appreciation! Stand in the mirror and give yourself some heartfelt comments about what you really appreciate about you! 
  4. Tell someone you love, respect or admire how much you appreciate them! Tell them why. Enjoy the moment of showering them with gratitude.
  5. Find a gratitude buddy. Formalize a practice where you share and discuss what you are grateful for.

Let’s start now and raise our vibe! Name 1 thing you are grateful for below in the comments.

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