Danielle has been my health coach for about two months now. What I like about her is that she is very passionate about what she does, which makes it easy for her to give you the energy and motivation you need to pursue your health journey. If keep asking her questions and she is always happy to reply, within a few minutes. Danielle also included me in FB “support groups” where lots of individuals from all over the world are actively participating and supporting each other. Most importantly, Danielle has taught me to not just focus on the food but also on other things that help “refill your cup”. Even if I consider myself well educated about health, having a coach to guide you and encourage you is always beneficial!!

Zeine C.

Working with Dani as my health coach changed my life for the better. Dani helped me to really think about the choices I was making that affected my physical, mental, and emotional health. Because of her, I make better food choices, exercise more, and meditate. Dani helped me become a healthier, happier person. She does it all with positive feedback, research, and support. Dani is amazing and I love her!

Heather Ogden Kristensen

Danielle McCurdy these past three months have been amazing and insightful with you. You have inspired me to want better for myself. To become more educated with my health physically and mentally. You have given me great tools and ideas to work with when it got challenging at times. But the biggest thing I would say is your optimism is contagious. Your positivity is amazing and always consistent. You never made me feel like a failure. You always made feel like a winner even if I knew I wasn’t on the right track or fighting to get on the right track. Your constant encouragement of me….is priceless. You refused to let ME give up on ME. I love that! And I love you! Your great coach and mentor. And I look forward to this continued journey that I’m on.

Terri Bauman

Danielle I have known for several years. She offered to take me under her wing and mentor me right out of grad school! I really didn’t think I would need her help much.. I was wrong..what I learned from Danielle, you cannot put a price on. She is not afraid to tell you straight what you need to change. Yet, she has been there for me when life was hard, fun, sad and frustrating. She has coached me when it has worked for me and not so well for her. And asked of me what I thought was nearly impossible, but was exactly what I needed. Early morning hours, and all through the day, she has worked whenever we could squeeze in time. She is incredible at seeing where you need to work to improve your skills, and helping you achieve them. Danielle will celebrate with you, as if your birthing that long awaited first baby, when you reach those long awaited milestones. I love working with her, as she is an incredible coach and mentor.

Roxanne Seward

I met Danielle in the summer of 2019 through Facebook. I was following her story and really felt a connection to her. I linked arms with her shortly after as I knew she was a real person and not just trying to get me to buy into the business.

Initially we had a long chat about goals, who were the first few people I wanted to help (my easy 10) and most importantly my WHY!

Danielle always guides me and is so available and patient at all times. When I have questions she doesn’t necessarily give me the answer but helps navigate where I will find the information which is so much better as then I will always remember.

After 6 months, I still have so many questions but still Danielle is so patient with me and has such a great belief in me.

She always reaches out to me if she sees a training that she knows will benefit me and I maybe haven’t seen. I can’t wait to see what the next months and years bring as I know I have a true friend for life.

Andrea Casey

I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with Danielle. During our time working together I have found so much clarity and confidence in myself and my direction. The tools she’s given me have shaped my mindset, my vision and my professional life. I’m so grateful for all the work we’ve done and I can’t believe how empowered I feel now compared to how I felt at the beginning. Thanks so much Danielle – such a pleasure getting to know you!

Clarissa Berry