Start. Stop. Start. Stop.⠀

Goals half met. Or, not met. ⠀

Frustration. Excuses. Shame. Justification.⠀

My friend, meet the cycle of self-sabotage. ⠀

This is a problem every woman I know has dealt with at sometime in her life. ⠀

I’ve been there and still have to course correct multiple time daily. ⠀

The answer is NOT willpower. Relying on willpower is like trying to sink a buoyant beach ball in the pool. ⠀

No matter what you do … it will continue to rise to the surface. You’ll spend all your time and effort pushing it down under water rather than enjoying your time in the pool. ⠀

Your automatic (reptilian) brain will not lovingly help you to create new habits and routines. It wants to keep you warm and cozy in the old ways as it’s served you and kept you safe. Think caveman days – you’re still alive, right? If you change your ways and start venturing out of the cave alone or at different times, you may get eaten by a dinosaur!⠀

To create new habits, your brain needs help to stop running on autopilot. To do so, you must slow down in those critical moments when you revert to old habits.⠀

As an example of this in practice, I’ve gotten into the habit of emotional eating over the last few years. ⠀

It’s evident on my waist line. Most of the time, I am eating very healthy and flooding my body with amazing nutrients, fiber, protein, etc. that just make me happy. ⠀

In those critical (stressful) moments, I reach for comfort foods, ??????? ?? ???? ?????????. I am letting the lizard brain take over. ⠀

What is helping me? I slow down in the moment, practice mindfulness (breathing, noting how my body feels, reminding my body and brain it is ok and it will pass) and not engage in the activity.⠀

The hardest part is not letting the lizard brain win in that moment. I remind myself that it’s not dangerous, it will pass and it’s going to feel so much better on the other end. ⠀

This is a simplified version of what I am practicing for self-sabotage.⠀

I am empowered because I know that everything I need to combat self sabotage in any area of my life is do-able with using my brain in the right way.⠀

What do you do in order to combat self sabotage?

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