I hired coaches, I journaled, I wrote goals, I forced myself to dream again.⁣

Fast forward to September 2016, I’d made some big leaps: Left my corporate career, started nutrition school, started yoga teacher training and was launching a business.⁣

I was what you’d call ignorance on FIRE!⁣

OMG – it was so fun.⁣

I wanted to start coaching RIGHT NOW. (If you know me this is so … ME.)⁣

I could not wait to start helping others but I was literally having night sweats over what it would take me to get started. I had no idea how to do any of the things that would bring in clients (they didn’t really teach that adequately in nutrition school). I didn’t have any materials or infrastructure such as meal plans, etc. to support future clients.⁣

I discovered this international tribe of women from around the world that were absolutely passionate about living their best lives but also purposefully inspiring others to do the same.⁣

I was intrigued, exhilarated and in a bit of disbelief.⁣

I sometimes forget how grateful I am for finding this beautiful group of women entrepreneurs. As part of our tribe, we have access to the most amazing holistic health portal for our clients (for free) along with top notch training in business, marketing, mindset and personal development.⁣

For people like me that are keen to launch into an entrepreneurial venture, this is an amazing opportunity because it’s one of the easiest, lowest risk (especially financially) and most supported ways to jump in with both feet that I have come across. (I was seriously on the lookout, too!)⁣

Thank you to all the women that have said ‘yes’ so far either as part of our holistic health program or as part of our growing team. I appreciate you and your support (or leap of faith!) so far. It’s been beautiful and I can’t wait to see what the next 4 years bring us!

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