Are you a quitter?⁣

I love coaching women, helping them set goals and reach them.⁣

It’s pretty epic. ?

Then there’s the quitting on the goals.

I’m not talking about readjusting or realigning. I mean quitting. ⁣

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Some of you may not know exactly what I do.⁣

I work with women in three modalities: ⁣
?One-to-one life coaching⁣
?Mentoring as they launch an online wellness business, and,⁣
?As a wellness coach when they join our online holistic health program.⁣

When I see see women quit, I get curious. And then I collect information in the hope I can do better next time.

What I love about what I do is to encourage people to dream again. Big or small- just dream. Then decide and get to work.

We plan, we do and we action. ⁣

Why You Are Quitting
For some, there comes a time that the dreams seem to slowly get cloudy. The fog rolls in and they become less intense and the day-to-day takes over. ⁣

This may present to me, as the coach /mentor, as a lack of response to messages, no shows to scheduled sessions or the email that is full of apologies {somehow!} shame and the hope that I am not disappointed [in them].⁣

I have found a few recurring themes in what is going on when one quits. Let me share! ⁣

Why do people quit?

1. You lack discipline. You may not have a strong enough discipline muscle to carry you through the times where you brain is extremely successful at convincing you that you just can’t do it. You deserve to rest, watch Netlfix or sleep in. When setting goals, you need to set yourself up for success by anticipating what you will do in those moments. Set a schedule to do the tasks that lead you to your goals and follow it. ⁣

2. You listen to naysayers. Maybe you get feedback from someone that you really trust and that is the breaking point. You throw in the towel and go back to life as you know it. People will definitely give their opinion but is it their dream or yours’? Do you want to live your life or that of other people? You are stronger than the opinion of others. Most of the time when you do meet your goals, those that doubted you will be your biggest cheerleaders. And, if they are not, do you really want them in your life?⁣

3. You aren’t hanging out with the right people. For real, if your dream is big and your current company that you keep is not aligning with it – find influencers that embody that goal to ‘hang out’ with. For example, this could be finding amazing podcasts, meeting new friends online or at networking events, etc. There are so many options but just increase your circle of influence.⁣

4. Your belief is not strong enough. When our goals are outrageous or scary (imagine- a BIG HAIRY GOAL?), our brain wants to show us all the ways in which it’s not possible. You have not done it ever before; without proof how could you believe that it’s possible now? What I urge you to do is to set up time every day that you exercise your belief muscle. This is going to become as automatic as brushing your teeth – you will know exactly how to dip back into belief when you fall out. By the way, haven’t you do so many things in life that you had never accomplished before? You didn’t have any proof then – so what’s different now?⁣

5. You are scared. You wonder who you’ll be when you get there. How will you handle it along with all the other responsibilities you have. Will success isolate you from the people you love? These types of fears are totally normal. Guess what, though? YOU DECIDE who you will be and how you will carry yourself once you hit that goal. If you really believe that, then really there is nothing to be afraid of – it’s just exciting. ⁣

If you’re quitting – have a look at the reasons above and see where you fit, if at all.

Obviously, there are times we all need to step away however; if it’s more a habit than a necessity, you may benefit from a review of goals and habits.⁣

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