Work With Danielle

What if, 6 months from now, you were your most vibrant, strong and confident self?

Imagine - you go from stuck to unstoppable.

This is a 6-month program tailored to helping you ditch the exhaustion and doom and gloom we've been told to expect and help you step into your next chapter with confidence, assurance, vibrancy and a renewed sense of self.

It is kind of like a deliberate, supported and empowered midlife crisis.

"This was my first 1:1 coaching experience and it was something I had always been interested in. Before coaching with Dani, I knew what my goals were but was having difficulty achieving them." - Jill

"Danielle has helped me understand how to put myself first, without compromising in other areas of my life. I feel more in control now..." - Helen

"Since working with Danielle … I am eating better and could take care of my health, my health anxiety attacks have reduced over the last few months compared to before." - M.S.

Can you relate?

You remember a younger you - you mourn her. You feel that she’s been lost in the last decade or so. You want to recover the parts of her that you now envy.

You wish to bring into the present day a version of you that incorporates that wisdom that can only come with the years, trials and tribulations and the energy, optimism and fearlessness of your more youthful self.

You want to move forward into a future that feels like a total personal rebrand that is literally a new version of you that is not only vibrant but also sexy, strong and grounded in exactly who she is today with no shame!

I know exactly what this feels like as I was so lost in my early and mid-40s. I was overweight, tired and bitter with increasing anxiety about my future health, financial and personal. I felt a sense of shame around where I was and unease about where I was headed. Until one day I finally decided that I deserved more in every way possible and the only person that was going to create that was ME.

I decided to stop over-thinking and planning and to instead learn how to implement strategies that supported a better version of myself - one that I dreamed of becoming before I got busy with life and let it overtake me.

If you are ready to step out of the overwhelm and jump into the best years of your life - then this is for you.

Ready to learn more? Let's jump on a call and discuss where you are now and how this program is for you. 

What's Included?

► 6 months of weekly 1:1 calls on Zoom.
► A certified life and health coach to keep you on track and consistent.
► Sessions dedicated to YOU - declare your path forward and understand the why behind your actions so you want to get back on track ASAP.
► Unlimited Voxer Support: In between weekly calls, support is just a message away.


► Workbook to support your 6 month transformation.
► Personalised app to set targets and track progress. 

Everything you need to go from stuck to unstoppable and become your most vibrant, sexy self!

♥︎ Feel energetic, vibrant and strong again - physically AND mentally.
♥︎ Ditch the doom and gloom feelings of future potential health-related issues and view your life ahead with enthusiasm.
♥︎ Wake up to each day with a renewed sense of purpose, confidence and direction.
♥︎ Move forward with a toolkit that you use with confidence to navigate future life changes - ageing parents, teenagers to empty nest, menopause, career changes, etc. while still taking care of you.

Working with Dani as my health coach changed my life for the better. Dani helped me to really think about the choices I was making that affected my physical, mental, and emotional health. Because of her, I make better food choices, exercise more, and meditate. Dani helped me become a healthier, happier person. She does it all with positive feedback, research, and support. Dani is amazing and I love her! - Heather K.

I have been working with Danielle for almost three months now, and have learnt so many things from her. What I like most is that it’s not your typical diet plan where you have to just restrict calories or count carbs. I love that she works on the mindset first and helps you slowly change your thoughts so you can make better choices. Her own transformation has been a huge inspiration to me! - Zeine C.

Hi- It’s Danielle,

Navigating your 40s and beyond can feel like it’s confusing territory full of quick-sand and landmines - I know the feeling!

I spent years feeling sluggish, overwhelmed, anxious and bitter. I looked at pictures of myself as a 20 and 30-something with envy of what she had [but didn’t know!] and mourned what was lost.

I wanted to feel that light again, to feel lit up and totally inspired by my own day ahead - let alone life!

I dreamed of having goals again that felt achievable. I yearned to feel strong, sexy and confident instead of old, achey, tired, grumpy and bloated.

I could not fathom how this was it - this was what the next half of life was going to be - AT BEST?!

I finally decided to stop believing the negative stories and instead took my inspiration from the badass, sexy, vibrant women that rocked their way through their 40s and beyond. I decided this was just the beginning for me and that I would change my own definition of what is possible for me in middle age and beyond - redefining what is truly possible with my health, career and relationships.

My signature coaching program is the accumulation of 15+ years of study - mindset, nutrition, various coaching certifications and yoga teacher training, endless books on personal development and self improvement, studies in mindfulness and hours of coaching given and received.

I am so ready to set you on the course to your biggest breakthrough.

I know what it is like to feel that fire for change that is still there but to worry that you’ll start yet another course, program or book and not see results.

This is different. Together, we will create change in your life that will gain so much momentum you will blow your own mind.

If this sounds like something that aligns with you - I can’t wait to partner with you this summer to show you what is possible so you blow your own mind.

Let’s do this!


Book your free clarity call with me to discuss your transformation.


How do I know this is for me?
This is for you if you are a woman in your 40s or beyond and you have been feeling lost, overwhelmed as the years have rolled on. You may be looking for an overall life tune up, to lose weight or to embark on a new chapter in your career or relationship - this is for you.

How long do I have access to the resources?
You'll have access to Danielle (Voxer), the app, etc. for the 6 months of your coaching program.

When does the program start and finish?
The 1:1 coaching duration is 6 months from the first session. Once you finish the enrolment process, I will contact you to set up your weekly coaching sessions and get you set up with the other resources, including bonuses.

I am new to life coaching - is that ok?
Yes, that is fine. I work with women that have never been coaching - I will walk you through the resources, sessions, etc. as soon as you enrol. There is nothing to worry about - you just show up.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the amount of value you receive as soon as you sign up, there will be no refunds, full or partial, under any circumstances.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Enrolment in this program does not guarantee success or any particular result in your life. Results may vary. As with any health/coaching program, your results are dependent on variables such as (but limited to) your level of effort, consistency, personal qualities, physiology, strengths and dedication. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results- nor are we responsible for your success or failure. This course is about building a solid, sustainable health with long-term results. As such, it takes lots of time, effort, and dedication, but this is a strong starting point.